Thursday, July 23, 2015

The Last Leg

We're winding down our Norwegian Cruise Extravaganza...  It's been lots of fun despite some cold, rainy weather.  The ship has been great with delicious food, lots of champagne and lots of good times with the Olander clan.

Here are some recent highlights:

By some lucky miracle I won the Blackjack Scratchcard Tournament during our last At Sea day.  It was a pretty fun little tournament - and me, Chris, David and Carina all made it to the final table.  And a lucky last hand where I went all in brought me the victory.  I won 25 scratch cards which equaled $25 in winnings.  :)

This was the old church in Honningsvåg- really beautiful and so full of history.

We hiked a giant rock mountain after we saw the church - it was hard but worth it for the cool view and to say "we did it!"

In Olden the only thing to do was to take a bus to hike up to the Glacier...  So that is what we did.  It was a rainy hike, but not too tough and pretty once we got to just below the ever shrinking glacier.

Family selfie!

Two Chris' and Carina's...

Today we are in the last port, Stavanger - on a gorgeous sunny day.  It is warm and perfect for walking around.  There is a huge market by the water - it is super crowded - I guess everyone is excited that it is warm and sunny.

The streets of the old town are pretty adorable...

And this sign made me laugh.

One more day at sea tomorrow - where we can see if our team "The Seabourn Legacy/Supremecy/Ultimatium" can rise out of second place in Trivia.  It will be tough but maybe we'll have some trivia luck on our side.

We return to Copenhagen on Saturday and then it's off to London for a day before the journey home!

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