Friday, July 10, 2015

Not so rotten

We started off the morning in the best way we knew how...Danishes. When in Denmark. 

It was, I mean still is, a windy day in Copenhagen. No rain, partly cloudy and otherwise beautiful, except for that wind. We get it Copenhagen, you're a big fancy city with lots of culture - you don't have to bluster on about it so hard. 

We stopped outside Tivoli in the morning. We are headed back there later tonight for dinner and entertainment. We have to ride the inspiration for It's A Small World. 

We took a "Hop on, Hop off" bus tour instead of the bike ride we had planned. It's was a fine tour just don't confuse Red-Blue Bus Tours with Red Bus Tours or Grey Line Bus Tours even though they all use the exact same color scheme, stop at the same places and use the same fonts. It's three different tour companies people. There is no monopoly on bus tours in Copenhagen, just on the colors you can use (I guess). 

We stopped by the old Danish Stock Market from 1902. It's got a cool tripple intertwined dragon spire. Dragons and monies always go good together. 

Along with the throngs of other tourists we made a stop at the Little Mermaid statue. 

We even stopped by a Danish museum to get some culture. 

Marissa even became part of the art. 

We also learned that the Danes are taxed the most, live the shortest, have the least corruption and like to follow the rules. Also the have fairly lax drug and alcohol policies, which maybe that factors into the shorter life span, I don't know. 

I do know that H.C.A statues are everywhere. They all look pretty neat though so carry on Copenhagen. 

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