Sunday, July 19, 2015

71° North

It's another good weather day here in Norway (phew!). It's a bit colder here in Honningsvåg but the sun is out and we set off on adventure. 

We set off from the town center on our ATV Safari. Marissa and I doubled up and quickly grabbed the first ATV in line after getting suited up. There were more than a few people who were already slowing the group down and we didn't want to get stuck behind them on the drive. 

We went off roading for a bit and stopped near the top of a small mountain to take some photos. It had been a bit since I had been on an ATV and I quickly remembered how much fun it can be. 

We didn't really do too much off road or anything remotely scary (though a few of the other guests were complaining that it's was too much for them). I did get our ATV up to 80kph at one point but mostly we were cruising under 50kph. 

We stopped at an old Sami fishing village for a coffee and a quick rest. There was another tour group here doing a King Crab Safari - catching and cooking the crabs. 

That was our morning. We're here in port for another 6 hours so we are going to try and find a hike we can do. It's nice to have some decent weather. The next two days are at sea so we also have to prep for more trivia. And eat more food. And read more books. Life is tough. 

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