Sunday, July 19, 2015

Terrific Tromsø

The bad weather of the past few days finally broke - I guess our sacrifice to Neptune worked!

We had a blast around town today. It's so much better with nice weather! In the morning we took a cable car up a mountain and got a fantastic view looking down in the city. 

We took photos and hiked around for an hour or so. We even hiked up to a very small "glacier" and stomped around in the snow. We also built more rock statues. 

After a nice walk back to town we journeyed out on our RIB adventure with the whole family. We were all packed (a little like sardines) in the front of one of the boats. 

We had a 3 hour tour around the bay. There was some great high speed skimming & jumping over waves. We didn't see any muskox when we stopped to look but we did vist the sight of a sunken Nazi Bismark class ship from WWII. 

A fun day filled with lots of adventure. Tomorrow it's up to Honningsvåg, at the top of the world. We decided to do our laundry tonight instead of the show. It took a bit to get all the clothes dry so I was up for a while but on the plus side, here is what the land of the midnight sun looks like from our balcony (00:03). 

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