Saturday, July 18, 2015

Seafarers II, Electric Bugaloo

Another full day at sea. We slept in to the very decent hour of 8:30 am today. 

The centerpiece of our day was the second of 4 trivia contests. We upgraded our name for the second round, from The Seabourn Identity to The Seabourn Supremacy. The name upgrade worked and we took second place in today's round. Woo!  We are now in second place overall though a bit of a distance out of first. 

We also went to "Broadway" tea time. Marissa was very excited. Some of the cast performed tunes from Boradway shows whilst tea was served. Again, it's a tough life out here off the Norwegan coast. So tough. 

Bonus excitement for today is that we just crossed above the arctic circle. Woo hoo!  Now the sun will never set...for the next 4 days. Hopefully I can stay up late enough to take a photo. 

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