Tuesday, July 14, 2015


Some highlights from Bergen!

We hiked up a mountain - it was a beautiful day despite the weird little gnats that kept annoying us...  This is my favorite picture from the hike.  I call it "Chris Sneaking up on Chris."

We made it to the top!

I'm not sure what this sign said for real but I assume it means - "please remember to put a bag on your dog's head before proceeding".

The Hiking Olander Brothers!

Also this... Maybe we were secretly in Jurassic Park?

After the hike we explored town a bit - saw the fish market, the cute little Bryggen Houses, the main city square...  It's a lovely little town.

Rosenkrantztarnet and Guildenstern.

After exploring we returned to the boat and had high tea then lobster mac and cheese for dinner.  We earned it after the hike.  

Bye Bergen!

Next adventure is exploring Flam and going on a RIB Boat excursion to a local brewery!

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