Saturday, July 18, 2015

No sun in Ålesund

So wet. So rainy. So many tall ships.

The rain finally caught up with us so we had a shorter day ashore than we would have liked. We still managed to walk around the town for a bit though. 

The best thing we did was hike the 418 steps up a local mountain to a nice view that overlooks the islands of Ålesund. 

The town is an interesting mix of modern and Art Nuevo architecture. The town burnt down in 1904 and was totally rebuilt... and then partially torn down again to make room for shopping. They actually tore down a castle to build shops for tourists...I'm not to sure about the math in that but if it was me I'd have left the castle. 

There was a tall ships festival in town which was great to see. Lots of ships all over the port, some of them almost 100 years old. The crews were from all over the world, Russia to Brazil and more. 

We also saw real shipwrights building what looked to be an old style longship in a dry dock. It looked like it was a lot of work but it also very cool. 

We took the tender back to the ship and had a leasurly day aboard the Quest reading, learning about Vikings and drinking champagne. It's a tough life over here in Norway. So tough. 

Tomorrow is another day at sea but we will cross into the arctic circle. Midnight sun here we come. 

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