Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Bergen - Slugs & Poo

Land Ho!  

We fell back into jet lag sleep patterns and woke up at an unreasonable hour (boo Jet lag, so boo). On the plus side we got to watch the Norwegan coast sail by. 

We had an excursion today to hike up a mountain in Bergen. First we took the walk through Bryggen, home of the ancient Hanseatic League. 

 Next we took the funicular from Fløien. 

The view from the top of Mt. Fløien was great and offered fantastic views of the city and fjord. 

From their we took a 5 mile round trip hike up and down Mt. Rundemanen. 

It was no hike like Marissa and I did at Trift last year but it was no cake walk either. 

The forest trail was beautiful and Marissa was acting tough to try and keep the bugs away. 

We all failed at that. The knats were everywhere. My arm was specially delicious apparently though it looks like all the bites are now starting to fade (finally). 

We also saw lots of large black slugs inching their way across the trail. And then there was all the poo all along the trail. We decided it was either giant slug poo or troll poo. I'll spare you the poo picture but if you really want to see it Marissa has the photo. 

There were several opportunities to take photos with my real camera. It was a slog to have all my gear strapped to my back but I think I got one or two good shots with my tripod and Canon. 

We had a good time hiking with Dave & Carina. 

We walked around town a bit after the hike. 4 or 5 cruise ships were docked by the time we got back down the mountains.  We strolled through some of the UNESCO buildings and shops on the way back to the ship. 

All in all it was a nice day in Bergen. No rain, mostly cool. Good company. Lots of knats. 

Also there was this sweet sailor/Viking statue in the center of town.

We ended the afternoon back on the ship with lunch and some drinks. A great way to relax after a long day of hiking. 

Bye bye Bergen. On to Flåm in the morning. 

(All photos in this post taken with Hipstamatic photo app)

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