Saturday, July 18, 2015


So Flam was a lovely little hamlet hidden in a fjord and when we pulled in it was surrounded by a very Brigadoon-ian mist so it felt like we were entering a magic land.

Our RIB Boat/Beer Tasting excursion wasn't til later in the day so we wandered the town ourselves in the morning to see some of the sights.  We walked through some of the adjoining little towns with the  adorable, wee little houses.  How interesting to live so removed from everything in a place like that!

We stumbled on this adorable little hut that was a tiny grain mill by the river.  We signed our names in their little guest book.

Then we built our own little rock tower by the rushing river.  We'll see how tough it is...  Maybe it will last there a few days.

Then the afternoon was a fun, zippy RIB boat adventure through some surround fjords where we our broke speed record for the trip and likely some fashion records as well...  Check out our sweet water suits.

There were so many beautiful waterfalls and we got right up under a few of them!

Also - so many goats...  We saw a little town that had 65 residents and 400 goats.

At the conclusion of the tour we got to sample some local ales from a brewery in town - it has a Viking name and overall look to it's design (but of course it was started by an American who thought Norway didn't have enough variety of beers.)

We got back to the boat just before the All Aboard with lots of Flåmtastic memories.  Off to the next adventure!

PS...  Not sure what this means but...  Heehee.

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