Sunday, July 19, 2015

Catch up!

So much adventure and so little access to wifi equals less blogs apparently!

We are almost at the North Pole right now - no elf or Santa sightings yet, but a few trolls here and there and I think we may have sat on the skin of Blitzen or Dancer in a tent earlier today.

We went on a full family RIB boat adventure around Tromsø yesterday.  It was fast and fun and a little chilly, but we had on our fashion all yellow water suits. Super cool way to see around the town!

Earlier in the day we took a cable car up a big mountain in Tromsø and the weather was perfect with an amazing view. 

And we found snow...  But no Olaf.

Today we are in Honningsvåg on another lovely, sunny day.  Though it is Sunday so it's a bit more of a ghost town than usual.  So we decided to pass the time with an ATV tour of the area.  Pretty cool way to see the sights.

Now we are lunching before exploring the town a wee bit more.  We don't set sail again until 8:30pm tonight!

The sun never sets in these parts which is crazy to see!  It messes with your brain to be so bright at midnight.  Super glad to have gotten to see the Midnight Sun.

Until the next blog...

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